WRAL Candidate Questionnaire:


What changes, if any, would you make to how funds for public safety in Wake County are allocated?

"I would continue to fund public safety and I am totally against any attempts to defund our police or sheriffs department. I would insist that our police departments and our sheriff department honor the oath to protect and serve Life, Property, and Businesses."


What can the county do to support residents during the pandemic?

"Keep the county fully open for business and reopen our schools. The county should not apply its "heavy hand "on our free market capitalistic system. The economic impact during this pandemic can be greatly reduced if the citizens can go back to work and school. The county must ensure that public safety will be priority one for the county to rebound. Rioting and large criminal activity must be addressed and eliminated. First Responders, EMS and Healthcare providers must be taken care of as well and provided with the resources needed to ensure the best healthcare available to the citizens.


What projects do you propose to expand affordable housing in the county and enhance the quality of life for residents?

"The term "Affordable Housing" is a very misleading term. The term represents housing cost of $250,000 or less which is way above what I would consider affordable. Property values continue to rise due to our supply/demand system. The county budget is saturated with subsides and public funded projects. This wasteful spending has created huge county debt and interest payments, new projects would not be a top priority for me. The county needs to reduce its current debt. The 105 million dollar interest payments alone would fund several quality of life improvements. "Housing is a never ending issue""


If elected, what are your top 3 priorities?

"1) Ensuring strong support for public safety 2) Identifying and eliminating wasteful spending 3) Reducing the county debt and interest payments in order to lower county property taxes"


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